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Game of Thrones | The Real Name of main characters and cast

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Hello friends we are going to show you real name of ‘Game of Thrones’ main characters. It is the most popular television series.It’s created by David Beni-off and D.B.Weiss.

The Real Name of Game of Thrones main characters-

  1. Maester Aemon –The real name of Maester Aemon is Peter Vaughan. Master Aemon died as Snow fought                                            Walkers north of the Wall.

2.Lord Petyr Baelish-The real name of Lord Petyr Baelish is Aidan Gillen.He play a importent role in every sesion of Game of Thrones .

3.Joffrey Baratheon-The real name of Joffrey Baratheon is Jack Gleeson in these tv show.  He son of the Queen Cersei and Kingsguard warrior Jaime Lannister.

4.Robert Baratheon-The real name of Robert Baratheon is Mark Addy.he was the king and husband of Queen Cersei.

5.Khal Drogo-The real name of Khal Drogo is Jason Momoa.Drogo was introduced as Daenerys Targaryen’s brutish husband-to-be.

6.Hodor-The real name of Hodor is Kristian Nairn.

7.Jon Snow-The real name of Jon Snow is Kit Harington.The Jon Snow introduced as the illegitimate son of ruler of the North Ned Stark and an unknown mother.

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